Preparing to live in sin (and by that I don’t mean buying a lot of condoms)

Armageddon looming
According to WordPress' sidebar, this is "Armageddon Looming"

It’s kind of funny to me realizing just how “secular” my life has become. A little over a month ago, my boyfriend and I decided that I would move in with him (which is an extremely dramatic story on my part, and a completely idiotic story on my part, in the interest of full-disclosure). This has, of course, sparked a lot of discussion and research amongst myself, my “heterosexual lifepartner,” my friends and my family. We’ve all discussed if now is a good time, whether Jose and I know each other well enough, whether or not this will ruin our relationship, if I can support myself financially enough to not be a burden on Jose, and every other issue you could possibly think of from a pragmatic, secular point of view.

Interestingly enough, only once was the spiritual aspect brought up, and it was, naturally, from my parents. And, interestingly enough, this was expressed in the form of “while we obviously don’t agree with you moving in with somebody you’re not married to, we just want to make sure that you’ll  be okay and that you’re happy.”

This all makes me think about a conversation I had with my friend Lauren at some point either at the end of junior high or the beginning of high school. We were talking about our futures. I imagined that I would move to Germany (I was obsessed with the German language for awhile? Don’t ask.) to work in a bookstore. I imagined that I would have a few friends and that I would have (gasp!) a boyfriend. (Keep in mind that this says a lot about my optimism that, even before I had ever kissed a boy or had any person show interest in me, I could imagine that it might some day happen.) And, I remember something about discussing the finer romantic points of having somebody to sleep over and make you waffles in the morning, until Lauren pointed out that this implied sex and I recoiled from the idea immediately.

I suppose I just love that, these days, instead of reading the plethora of articles against cohabiting from a Christian perspective, I spent last night writing an e-mail to my new employer (I got a full-time position as a web artist for a company that advertises adult content websites, a.k.a. I’ve achieved my dream job), Googling tips for couples budgets, asking Jose for a cohabiting pseudo-legal agreement, and discussing with him the hard things we might face to get us prepared for the whole experience.

In conclusion, this blog post was a long, masturbatory way of saying “I’m amazing.” Just in case you were confused.

(Also, Jose, if you’re reading this- I expect waffles in the morning. We’re definitely putting that in the cohabiting agreement, just so you know.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of condoms to buy.


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