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Bon voyage, oom-pah-pah

Not that I ask people to change their links enough, but I’ve moved on to my own server. Now read the archives + new content (I KNOW) at:


Thanks to everybody who made this blog’s stay at a lovely one. I’ll never forget the top search that led here (“latex nun”) nor my wonderful title of “Bitchy Entitled Feminist.” Shout out to those adorable MRA people who think that this opinion of theirs makes sense at all. Bigger shout out to Lawsonry, who sent me even more (actual positive!) traffic. And the biggest shout out of all to the people that are actually reading this right now and who give a damn.

As Kimberly said in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Movie, “catch ya’ on the flip side!”


And I have the internet again!

The best part of moving in with my sister? Being in a freethinking household has made me feel more calm. They’re also teaching me how to cook, clean, and care for the children, which has been a huge help.

The worst part? There was no internet. But now there is.

A real post will come later, I promise.