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In the process of moving this to my own server, but…

Life goal: COMPLETED.

Also, I didn’t squeal/hyperventilate when this happened. Not. At. All. What, what’s that you say? There’s something in my eye? Yes. That is love and admiration. And a tear. Whatever.


I guess it’s better than when the spam number hit 666? Except it’s not quite as satisfyingly hilarious.

Hey, ya

So I realize that there is no reason why my writing should be dependent on positive feedback. That would be selfish and self-delusional. After all, I am extremely honest with myself; whatever I put on the Internet has a very small range of influence.

That being said: after the last few days, coming onto my Dashboard and seeing support that was Tumblr driven has, well, set me at ease. So thank you, Lawsonry, and every person who has shown me kindness since. I’m not sure how you found this, but I’m glad that you did.

(Actual content is forthcoming, I promise.)