Shameless self-promotion: The Smiling Game

In order to kick my ass into full-gear for the new year, I decided to publish my novella that I started in high school and finished in college. (I swear it’s not as shittastic as that made it sound.) Please consider buying it as an e-book for $2.99, because it will make me about $1.50 each time you do that, and my dog needs food.

I’m just saying.

By the age of twenty-four, Adam has learned only a few things in life: how to be good enough at something that you can get and keep a job, the love of a good woman whom he cannot wait to be married to, and to stay away from the other side of 42nd street. Beyond this invisible line that divides Portland lies the people who see in only shades of blue, and anybody who crosses this line is assumed to be blue-eyed and is immediately shot and killed by the Red Alliance. But Adam has found no reason to leave the comforts of life amongst the red-eyed, love, and the ever-present insecurities that come with being an unpublished author. That is, until a pretty new waitress at his favorite cafe convinces him that there is a way to see in all colors and invites him into her dangerous, but potentially rewarding life. Now Adam is faced with the decision: does he choose what will save his life, or what will give him freedom?


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