That Ol’ “W” Word

Photo taken at the 41st Emmy Awards 9/17/89
Why are all of these pictures so old

Anybody who is friends with me on Facebook already knows this, but it definitely bears repeating:

Yesterday, I was listening to a sermon given by Kirk Cameron at the church that I grew up going to, Immanuel Baptist Church. The sermon itself was making me laugh, as it seemed as though half of the sermon was centered around himself. (He actually make the audience sing the Growing Pains theme song, and then went on to base his sermon around his character from his movie Fireproof.) And then, he said the magic words, after speaking about how his character had an addiction to internet pornography:

Transfer your love and affection and all of your energy and devotion to something much greater than an electronic whore on a flatscreen.

As my brother-in-law pointed out, the definition of a whore should be “anybody who sells their body for money,” which kind of makes Kirk Cameron a whore. A whore for Jesus, which is the classiest kind of whore, I think.

(p.s. Sorry for this being such a shitty blog entry.)

(p.p.s. This inspired me to start a Tumblr.)


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