A Public Apology: I Am A Dick

I would like to publicly apologize to anybody who has been hurt by my words that I have put on this blog, or anybody who feels that my lack of faith has personally affected them negatively. I would mostly like to apologize to my parents and my brother for my hostile attitude this summer; I wasn’t myself, and I wish to be able to share with you my new, improved, medicated, much healthier self soon.

I’m not religious, but if I were, I would be subscribing to the Phil Plait/Skepchick creed of “Don’t Be A Dick.” And since the first step is admitting it, I should admit it now: I am a dick. But I am trying to not be. So please, if I seem too phallic, just point it out to me. But not all mean or straightforward or whatever. Because that would be rude.


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