Royally Pissed

 Well, finally! A place where little girls’ dreams and ambitions go to die.

Okay, that’s probably a bit harsh. I can understand that this ministry is seeking to help children by telling them early on that they should be focused on God, and that their identity is in God.

But in my own personal opinion, not only does this perpetuate and indoctrinate young girls into the idea that their whole life is dependent on God, but it also uses feminine stereotypes to do it. The entire message is built around the fact that a young girl said that she wanted to be a princess, and instead of her mother encouraging her to pursue dreams of fulfillment and success through college and a career, the mother says “you’re right, I’ll teach you how to be a princess… of God.”

Perhaps I wouldn’t be feeling such feminist indignation if the program weren’t counterbalanced by “Warrior Prince Academy,” a masculine program that shows little boys to be warriors for God. The girls get to be princesses, and the boys get to be warriors.

I would love to see a freethinking version of these camps, where children are exposed to different ideas and asked their opinions of it instead of being told what to do and think. But maybe I’m just a radical.


2 thoughts on “Royally Pissed

  1. ….wut? Disgusting…
    Don’t use God as a vehicle to further your own hair-brained notions, ambitions and desires….
    The mom obviously has some psychological problems.

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