Because you totally need to read this: Holy Law, Batman!

Immigration law to be determined by Bible verses?! | theCLog.

(First, important thing to note: this amazing title is brought to you not from my own mind, which is quite less-than-genius, but from the mind of Al’hander Do’sin, who I an amazing genius.)

In my sometimes-side, sometimes-one-and-only-link-to-money job as a freelance web and graphic designer, I have found myself a few interesting clients. One of my clients happens to be a non-profit organization that is about trying to inform people of the dangers of illegal immigration. While I don’t agree with this stance completely (and “tithe” 10% of my paycheck to MCC In the Valley) it does allow me to find a lot of interesting articles about immigration.

One such opinion article, “Immigration law to be determined by Bible verses?” by John Groomes, explores the different Biblical-based arguments used in the debate in the House of Representatives about the new Arizona immigration law. (In case you don’t follow such things, Arizona has recently passed a law allowing police officers to pull over anybody they suspect of being an illegal alien and ask them for verification of their citizenship.) On the one hand, there is the idea that the Bible teaches us to be loving towards our neighbors, which could be stretched to say that we shouldn’t deport our neighbors. On the other hands, there is the idea that the Bible can also sometimes teach us to be a badass to our neighbors and kill them, which can be stretched to say that we should deport illegal aliens.

And then there is the idea that: maybe church and state are, I don’t know, separated?

(What a crazy idea!)


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