Other Great Apes are our rebellious cousins (you know, the ones with the tattoos and silver back hair)

‘Lucy’s Grandfather’ Fossil Makes Humanity’s Ancestor Seem More Like Us | Wired Science | Wired.com.

While this article is revolutionary enough to suggest that Australopithecus afarensis was taller and stronger than scientists previously thought, the real shocking part of this article comes near the very end.

That raises the possibility that it’s the other Great Apes, rather than humans, whose bodies have evolved the most over the last few million years.

Big Man, with a rib cage shaped more like our own than that of a chimpanzee or gorilla, reinforces that notion.

“Chimps and gorillas are again the unusual form. Hominids and ourselves bear many primitive traits that haven’t been specialized like they have in gorillas,” said Lovejoy.

“The classic cartoon of the ape turning into the human doesn’t work at all.”

Am I the only person who was shocked by this? After all, this would change a lot of a Creationist argument against Evolution (“Well if we came from monkeys, then why are monkeys still here?” “Well actually, it’s apes and chimpanzees in particular that we’re close to, not monkeys, and also these came from species more like us than like them…” “… Well if we came from monkeys, then why are monkeys still here? HA! Got you there!”) as well as affect the classic model of human evolution.

Of course, it will just take finding more fossils to discover which model is more provable. But isn’t it an exciting thought?


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