Jesus is for noblewomen, too

Vatican: Oldest known images of apostles Andrew and John found – Religion – Blogs.

There are three main things that I love about this article.

  1. “Their inclusion in the tomb shows the aristocrats were among the last Romans to convert to Christianity, archaeologist Fabrizio Bisconti said.” I wonder if this has something to do with Jesus and his words against wealth?
  2. “The Vatican spent about 60,000 euros (about $74,000) on the archaeological work, it said.” I’m all for archaeology (I’m even considering a new major of Anthro) but perhaps this money could have been spent on spreading love and food to a needy world, rather than on illuminating a past world?
  3. “The apostles were a group of a dozen men, according to Christian tradition, who spread the gospel of Jesus after his crucifixion.” I love that this article not only explains who the apostles were, but mentions nothing of resurrection. Way to be neutral, CNN.

This is an extremely short post because I am sick and cannot think clearly! Expect crazy Twittering.

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