Reach out, Touchdown Faith

‘Touchdown Jesus’ statue’s destruction brings flood of donations

Aside from the hilarity of this statue of Jesus being stricken by lightning (was it a graven image? Was God mad at evangelicals? Did it just happen to possess the right chemical makeup to be more likely to be stricken by lightning anyway?) is the hilarity that people have decided to donate their money, not to the starving populations of the Earth, not to the homeless in their own town, not to Judea, Samaria and the remotest part of the world- to Solid Rock Church in Monroe so that another comically large statue of Jesus can be built.

Also, the statue will apparently be redesigned and rebirthed. My suggestion?

… As if you didn’t (literally) see that coming!

… p.s. Is it just me or are my titles getting progressively worse?


2 thoughts on “Reach out, Touchdown Faith

  1. Allah was obviously enraged at the graven image of His Prophet, Isa – who was born of a virgin but was NOT God’s only begotten. Silly Christian idolaters.

    Srsly, though…divinity or not aside, I can see why God might be a little irritated at the community’s priorities here.

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